Training Congressional Staff:

Comprehensive Staff Training

Professional development is vital to the longevity of an office. Congressional salaries are not competitive with the marketplace and therefore staffers must be challenged and motivated in order to keep exceedingly qualified talent. Each office should create a platform that encourages career management and personal growth. The “help them grow or they will go” expression is true. Training in all areas will enhance office efficiency and build loyalty among the best.

Policy Experience:

Staffers much have clear responsibilities the freedom to meet their assigned goals each day. At least 15% management is required. Training in research skills, rules and legislative floor training must be mandatory.

Communications Development:

The media world is constantly changing and key staff must be given the latitude to creatively adapt to the media marketplace. Training and professional development includes media training and mentorship programming.

General Outreach:

Education coming from constituents, advisors, colleagues, and experts on all matters builds awareness and evidence-based action. Legislative resources training and collaborative coaching enhance office efficiency.