Staff Training & Search Offerings:

Comprehensive Staff Training

For the last six years, Hill Talent has helped offices throughout Washington train exceptional talent. The process of cultivating incredible talent takes committment and time. Each office runs differently and has a unique set of goals and challenges. Our mission is to provide confidence training, staffing resources, and a solution suite within the office. Supported by practitioners who are familiar with the federal government and specifically the Congress, this effort focuses on your management goals to build the strongest team possible.

Diligent Staff Search

Clients both on and off the Hill benefit from an extensive knowledge of Capitol Hill and a non-partisan passion for the legislative and executive branches of government. For all parties involved the process can be discouraging. The ultimate outcome however is critically important. As a certified vendor, we staff offices using the following process:

1.)  List an open position on public platforms to generate massive candidate interest.

2.)  Review the field of qualified candidates and narrow the best in class.

3.)  Reach out to the field of candidates via telephone for an initial candidate screening.

4.)  Craft a short summary for each candidate for review by the Chief of Staff.

5.)  Receive feedback from the Chief and either modify the search or proceed.

6.)  Schedule key interviews based on the availability of the Chief of Staff and Member.

7.)  Request feedback from the Chief throughout the candidate assessment process.

8.)  Continue to establish interview opportunities until a candidate has been selected.

9.)  After an offer has been accepted, communicate with the balance of the field.

10.)  Check in with the office at 30 days, 60 days, and 90 days for candidate feedback.

Note: Exceptional runner-up candidates are often successfully redirected.

A Chief of Staff has a massive workload. The time savings alone is critical for exceptional offices. Our mission is to help Chiefs who want to run stellar teams. The more time you have to serve the Member, the better the entire office operation.