Pricing, Services, & Rates:

No two searches are exactly alike, but typically you can place our service offerings into three main categories. We support traditional executive search, congressional office staffing, and professional staff training. Our mission is to understand the operation fully and deliver the best people possible.

Executive Search

Executive search or traditional headhunting, tackles major searches at a very high level for specific positions within unique organizations. These searches can take a great deal of time and enormous consensus from executives, shareholders, board members, employees, and member groups. These searches can take up to a full year or more and the fee amounts to 33% of the base salary of the ultimate hire. In most cases, flights, hotels, meals, and other expenses are added to the client invoice. While these expenses never occur in congressional staffing, they occur all the time in executive search.

Congressional Staffing

Every single day of the year, a congressional staffer somewhere decides to make a career change. These positions include everything from Staff Assistant to Press Secretary, Legislative Director, or Chief of Staff. In most cases once the position has been filled most of the work has be done. However in most cases feedback is invaluable to ensure a good fit for all. This service is provided for a simple one-time modest fee that does not add on any additional expenses. Most searches on the Hill can be conducted for no more than $5000 for the entire search. As the competition for staff rises as higher salaries and $10,000 per year in student loan payments attract better candidates, you are not only making a major investment in the operation but you are building a foundation to keep in office

Personnel Training`

Personal development and career development training is a life-long endeavor. Especially for staffers in Congress, who are highly ambitious, there can always be more to learn. In time, greater responsibilities tend to accrue. In support of the constant progression and pressure of running an office, monthly development of staff and staff training is enormously helpful. For this value, we charge a simple monthly fee. This training has created incredible results for candidates throughout the government. We offer direct and high-impact support to those who know they want to move forward and are willing to work the steps.