Congressional Services:

No two searches are perfectly alike. But most searches follow patterns that fall into three main categories. We support traditional executive search, congressional office staffing, and professional staff development. Our mission is to understand the needs of the office and deliver the best people possible.

Executive Search

Executive search tackles major searches at a high level for specific levels of leadership. These searches can require a great deal consensus from executives, shareholders, and member groups. These searches can take up to a full year or more.

Congressional Staffing

Every day, a staffer somewhere on the Hill decides to make a career change. These positions include everything from Staff Assistant to Press Secretary, Legislative Director, or Chief of Staff. In most cases, 3-5 candidates are delivered to the congressional office before a final candidate is selected. You are not only making a major investment in the daily operation but in the lasting future of the office.

Professional Development

Professional and career development is a life-long endeavor. For ambitious staffers in Congress there can always be more to learn. In support of the constant progression of an office, monthly staff training is enormously helpful. This training has created incredible results for candidates throughout the government. We offer direct and high-impact support to those who know they want to move forward.