Building An Exceptional Office:

Success From The Very Start

With more than 700,000 constituents in every district a Member’s duties are massive. The most effective offices are the ones with a clear definition of responsibility and the ability to delegate labor effectively. Every month the Chief of Staff should think through and review the office process to deliver the best functioning operation possible.

Congressional Staffing:

The office runs with massive workloads and daily deadlines. The right team should be established to keep the office running efficiently.

Legislative Operation:

A well-designed legislative operation makes the entire system run effectively. You want a powerful legislative operation in your office.

Mail Operation:

Constituents think you start the day you are elected. Your goal is the hit the ground running. Fast turnaround times and high quality content builds good constituent relations.

Press & Communications:

The team must be able to write both quickly and effectively. In print and in the digital media work the new cycle is nonstop. The office must utilize the press to the fullest.


We view the scheduling position as the most important of any position in the office. The Scheduler must be able to handle dozens of details a day. The demands are very high.

Financial Management:

Your activities are financed by the Member Representational Allowance. The team is responsible for allocating funds wisely between payroll and official duty expenses.

Constituent Care:

At the end of each day, it boils down to serving the constituents. Successful constituent services value the constituent above all with daily communication and service.