Navigating New Opportunities

Connecting The Dots: Internal Hires

We create company reports from scratch on key opportunities throughout Washington. Yes, we include detail on how to apply. But everybody has that. What is truly significant is that we show you how to access the company.

If there is a republican lobbyist who went to Richmond? Is there a democrat who served in the Senate. You are always looking for a hook or some path forward to advance the conversation and learn more about the opportunity at hand.

Lobbyists in Washington get paid truckloads of cash for government access. That access works both ways. If you reach out effectively, you can navigate any company by connecting the dots. Read the details in our carefully crafted reports.

In order to land a job, you have to go out and get it. Government affairs departments don’t have recruiters. Hiring authorities love it when the perfect candidate is delivered on a silver platter.

Private Business

It’s important to design a setup where you can achieve maximum success. Am I capable of bringing in business? Will I recruit and secure new leads? Do I want to share my revenue or capture all profits. Am I a generalist or a specialist in terms of experience? How soon can I make my move? Does it make sense to go in-house or cover many clients? Do I want to find and lease an office, handle accounting, cover all expenses? Would I prefer to move to an existing operation and let them cover the admin work? Have I done my homework? Am I willing to network and reach out to existing employees of the organization?

United States Congress

As a congressional staffer, you can move from one office in Congress to another. You can shift from the House to the Senate. You can move from a personal office to Committee staff. You can move from the Hill altogether. The secret to success is footwork. You are a specialist not a generalist. Your mission is to find the best environment for your value, passion, and determination.

The key to success on the Hill is personal growth one day at a time. The person who wants a promotion is doomed. The person with Member-itis is doomed. As a staffer, your job is to be a servant leader. Someday you will have an entire staff. For now, you are a worker among workers. Right now, it’s all about the office and the Member.

Military Transition

You may be exiting the military and ready for a new opportunity. You may have a major problem. You can do absolutely anything you want! The scary thing is that the entire world is open to you and it can be overwhelming. You simply need to break your search down into manageable steps.

The military spends billions while you are in the military and pennies once you are out in terms of your career. It’s your responsibility, even when frustrating, to take control of your search rather than let the search control you.