Member Office Goals:

A Comprehensive Strategy

It’s very important especially early on to be able to articulate the goals of the Member. This is either the responsibility of the Member or the charge of the Chief of Staff. If you cannot articulate the Member goals, you are at a loss in terms of directing the Member office operation. As early you can, set the goals of the office. Here are ten sample goals:

  1.  Support the Member on the right policy
  2.  Land the Member on the right committees
  3.  Hire a competent staff that you can trust
  4.  Retain staffers you never have to worry about
  5.  Stay beneath the total MRA office allowance
  6.  Establish a timely mail operation
  7.  Design the right press and media platform
  8.  Follow all ethics and administrative rules
  9.  Serve the constituents of the District
  10.  Shape and guide the overall operation the right way

It’s your duty as a Chief to do everything possible to support the Member and build out an exceptional team. The money is there via the MRA. It’s up to you as the Chief of Staff to take what is given and maximize every opportunity for the Member. This way, the Member can bring maximum value to the constituents.