Ultimate Congressional Blueprint:

Are you thinking about a career opportunity on Capitol Hill? The Congress is great place to launch or extend a fantastic career. There are thousands of positions on Capitol Hill. You only need one!

Staff movement is always high on Capitol Hill. Positions open quickly but they close quickly too. The Hill is competitive. The best and brightest across the country are drawn to Washington like a magnet. Here are a few reasons why the Nation’s Capitol is a major draw for amazing national talent:

  • Would you like to run for public office one day?
  • Are you interested in shaping the national policy debate?
  • Would you like to earn $65,000 a year or spend $65,000 a year?
  • Are you willing to build and manage your career for the next thirty years?
  • Would you like some federal help with student loan debt?

If Congress excites you, read the congressional blueprint found at www.timeonthehill.com. The blueprint has helped over a thousand candidates from all over the United States. There are three core categories. You have legislation, communications, and scheduling. You also have a choice between the Senate and the House, District Office or Capitol Hill, and Committee team vs. Personal office.

There is so much to cover. If you are ready to begin simply take action. Knowledge alone is not power. Knowledge and a plan of action is power. If you follow the blueprint and take action you will be massively successful in your congressional journey.