Staffer Career Development:

Professional Advancement Opportunities

Staffers grow in several key areas over time on Capitol Hill. The average tenure in Congress varies from three to eight years so staffer experience varies. There are several core categories that stand out in a staffer’s five year plan. This experience forms the person’s work identity and plays massive part in long-term career management. The Hill is the perfect place to explore several occupations and ultimately decide a strong career path.

Communication & Delivery:

Congress is the perfect place for the application of contemporary communications skills necessary for career success and future development. There has to be a dialogue between Members, Committee Staff, and personal staff in order to advance policy. Personal communication skills along with technology skills are essential.

Mentorship & Management:

Mentorship involves the shared experience of others. Mentorship plays a huge role in overall performance and cultivates excellent decision making for the next phase of your career. By learning from a mentor’s expertise you receive critical feedback and become a better manager. Support in both technical abilities as well as leadership development skills make for great Chiefs.

Portfolio Management:

The management of a legislative portfolio is a very demanding position. This experience leads to exceptional opportunities both on and off the Hill. The mission of the policy portfolio is the advance the Member’s goals. Not everything can be solved over night, but you job is to make progress every week.

Budget & Financial Control:

It’s pretty easy to mismanage or downright waste money. There are situations where money is being misappropriated every single day. Too many flights booked on money spent on doodads the office doesn’t really need. Even though financial obligations are always present, it’s easier to spend when it’s not your money. No matter the political background, financial prudence and the smart application of resources is a must.

Coalition Building:

Every Member needs a strong cabinet. There are plenty of experts who are best suited to weigh in on certain matters. Guidance on regulatory matters, floor procedure, navigating policy, staff selection, committee assignment information, and many other details are unlikely to happen without the support of a cabinet willing to support your goals.